“Sweet voice” — hyacinthus.

“Magnificent” — Indie Music Home

“Great vibe” — the feels

“Really cool!” — First! Playlists

“Definitely has much talent!” — Cloudy

“Amazing talent and a beautiful voice…

We love it!” — Cheers To The Vikings

“Zoelly has an impressive voice, rich and confident,

and really talented” — Keep Walking Music“Production is really dope, and the vocals are perfect” — Loku

“Vocal is lovely and fits the vibe of the song” — Our Culture Mag

“Amazing voice - I loved her stuff!” — Popular Music

“Phenomenal voice and a bright future ahead!” — Unrecorded

“Love those confident vocals” — Summer Chill

“Fun track!” — Disco Naïveté

“Pretty cool track!” — Plastic Mag

“Like this vibe” — Stopify

“What’s so exciting to me is ‘the unknown’,” Canadian indie pop singer/songwriter Zoelly muses, her signature smize lighting up the room. “I love wondering where this journey is going to take me. Just knowing that my life is a ‘big book’ currently being written, and I am the writer…


"The possibilities are endless!”


It’s a mesmerizing zeal that perfectly befits the triple threat artist; her arsenal also includes acting and dancing. But it’s music that has Toronto-based Zoe Katzberg’s head and heart focused on a future with sound checks, studio jams and songwriting sessions.


“From the moment I wake up, I’m thinking ‘what am I going to do that’s musical today?’” she confides. On top of regular activities like school and hanging with friends, the dedicated and mega-talented teen clears major way in her weekly schedule for intense rounds of songwriting and working on new music.


“Then, it’s usually off to the dressing area in my room,” she laughs. “I am in LOVE with makeup, so I tend to get carried away with that sometimes!”


Here’s where ‘relatable’ becomes more than a word on page 803 in the dictionary. As a 18-year old who loves makeup and Instagram and pop icons like Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, Zoelly’s lyrics reign as sensationally sung commiserations held dear by daters and dreamers alike.

“Creativity is everywhere for me,” she muses. “I’m always writing lyrics that come to mind, figuring out an interesting progression on my keyboard, or drawing sketches to use for album artwork. I’m always creating, it’s so natural and part of my every day!”

So what’s next for Zoelly? She’s got plans. BIG ones. She’s sitting on a wealth of new material. “Its a single-based world now-no pun intended,” she joked. “The album has become a thing of the past. But both as a songwriter and an artist, I feel that going month by month; dropping singles until I’m out of high school isn’t a bad look either. Attention spans are short these days.” So stay tuned, as more amazing things musically are in the works from this insanely talented pop star!